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Nikki Webster Reiki and Nutrition Support in East London

Reiki and Nutrition Support East London

My aim is to help clients reach a place of balance through Reiki Therapy and nutrition support.

Reiki is a form of deep energy healing, which is used to support people through emotional, spiritual and physical needs. It supports the nervous and immune system by putting the body into total relaxation and therefore allowing the body to self-heal and have space for emotional blockages to dissolve. Reiki allows people the opportunity to stop and listen to their bodies needs and understand what is really going on inside.

I believe that our physical, spiritual and emotional bodies are intrinsically linked. When you feel something emotional or spiritual, you will feel it somewhere in your physical body and sometimes this energy can sit, stagnate and block your Qi (life force) from flowing freely through your body. People often feel fear in the pit of their stomach, or anger rushing through their veins. Reiki works to release trapped energy in your body, relieve tension and balance internal systems and external energy.

I work with your body’s individual energy flow and use a combination of hands-on and hand-off Reiki and a spinal balancing technique to help shift blockages, re-align your spinal energy, balance your chakras and release unwanted energy. Additionally, Reiki can work as pain relief for inflammation and injuries. I am an experienced, certified and insured Reiki Master, I work 1:1 with clients in London and also on retreats in England and abroad.

The practice is in Hackney, London, which is easy to reach from most mainline train stations;
Euston, Kings Cross, Victoria, Liverpool Street and Stratford. I will also travel to wherever is needed to work on retreats.

I am experienced at working with patients presenting with conditions such as anxiety, stress, reproductive issues, recurring headaches, sleep disorders, arthritis, back pain and injuries. Other clients often come because they are struggling with emotional issues, memories or events that they need to let go of and some people just enjoy the deep relaxation and sense of balance that Reiki promotes.

I am a student at The College of Naturopathic Medicine in London where I will be qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist in 2018. I will be launching a blog on here soon which will have delicious recipes and lifestyle tips to help encourage optimal health and well-being. My focus will be to support people to enjoy their food and life as I believe that keeping things in balance is the key to keeping us happy and well.

"I've had two reiki sessions so far with Nikki and both times have been amazing experiences. I hadn't tried it before and I wasn't really sure what to expect, I almost felt a little sceptical about it. My reason for doing it is because for the last year and a half I've suffered with pelvic ache and no doctors have been able to diagnose me. I've tried other alternative forms of medicine like Chinese herbal tea and acupuncture, none of which helped, so I decided to try reiki!

Nikki started by working her way through all my chakras. Although she picked up energy in other areas, as soon as she got to my pelvic area she immediately picked up on this energy and stayed here for a while. I also have more pain on the right side of my womb and she felt much more energy on this side (I hadn't made her aware of this). When she was on this area I could feel this incredible energy and had a pins and needles sensation all over my body. I also felt this huge release emotionally. Nikki then continued to work her way through the rest of my body. After each session I felt very calm and relaxed.

I strongly believe that since my two reiki sessions my pelvic ache has significantly improved. Nikki is brilliant at picking up areas of tension and emotional build up. I couldn't recommend her highly enough."

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